More about Sahaja Meditation?

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How do I get started?

To begin meditating, click here to watch the video instruction or read the instructions. Plan on being more relaxed 10 minutes from now.

How is Sahaja Meditation different from other types of meditation?

Sahaja Meditation is designed to help you achieve a state of thoughtless awareness and self-realization quickly, through the awakening of a powerful energy inside you. The ability to awaken and experience this energy quickly and easily differentiates Sahaja Meditation from all other forms of meditation. Over time and with practice, you are able to direct and channel your energies and gain better self control and wellness.

Does Sahaja Meditation involve religious beliefs and / or practices?

Sahaja Meditation is a practice with flexible lessons, a diverse group of practitioners, and a set of beliefs that run across a broad spectrum of spirituality. Sahaja Meditation does not conflict with, or substitute for any religion. Sahaja Meditation is open and inclusive and has drawn millions of practitioners around the world, that come from many different religions and cultural beliefs. Sahaja Meditation allows you to discover the depths of spirituality, i.e. your inner spirit.

How much does Sahaja Meditation cost?

Sahaja Meditation classes online and the weekly classes held in public locations around the country are free of charge. Advanced seminars have fees associated with them to cover the costs of food, lodging and other incidental expenses. Individual contributions to our non-profit organization are accepted at any time.

Is there a membership for Sahaja Meditation?

No, Sahaja Meditation is not a membership organization. There is no registration required for regular public programs and weekly classes. People are free to walk in any time and choose to discontinue attending whenever they choose.

What is the relationship between Sahaja Meditation and Sahaja Yoga?

Sahaja Meditation is a form of meditation with roots in the spiritual practice of Sahaja Yoga. There are many layers, varied and deep, to the practice of Sahaja, if you are interested in increasing the depth of your understanding, visit: