Meditation in school

Age appropriate. At the appropriate age.

Sahaja Meditation has programs for school children, teens and young adults.

Classes are tailored to the situation, often starting immediately with practice and experience so as to engage the kids.

Sahaja Meditation is designed to be easy to learn, making it easy for students pick up, enjoy and then practice on their own.

Children benefit immensely from Sahaja Meditation because it gives them a powerful tool with which they can reach inward and take personal control. The sooner they learn how to calm themselves, get focused and better withstand pressure and stress, the more confident and successful they will become. These life-long lessons will serve them repeatedly as they develop, grow and mature into productive adults. Currently, there are many high school students experiencing great success through a new program offered by HealthCorps.

If you would like to find out if we can provide classes or instruction at your school, please send an email by using Contact Us.