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Sahaja Meditation is a volunteer organization committed to teaching and sharing the benefits of the Sahaja Meditation practice to any and all people who seek to learn. Sahaja Meditation is offered by Vishwa Nirmala Dharma (VND), a non-profit section 501(C)(3) organization. Sahaja Meditation is a form of meditation with roots in the spiritual practice of Sahaja Yoga. There are many layers, varied and deep, to the practice of Sahaja, if you are interested in increasing the depth of your understanding, visit: Sahaja Yoga Meditation Canada.

There are Sahaja Meditation meetings at locations all across the country listed in our Directory. Please come visit and meet some of us or take a class. Remember, classes are free. We also have several public school initiatives and we regularly offer seminars at businesses, community centers, and social gatherings. Contact us if you are interested in what Sahaja Meditation can do to benefit your community.

If you are already a Sahaja Meditation group organizer, you may login to the Sahaja Leader Intranet using your assigned credentials below:

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